Get your Virtual Orientation experience started here at Monash Digital O-Fair!

During the live session of Monash Digital O-Fair, you'll be able to:

You will also be able to access static content and recordings of live presentations up until 15th March 2023.

Find out all you need to know about Orientation at Monash here.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. You can access Monash Digital O-Fair by using your Monash student email address and password. If you are having trouble finding your email address or password you can find more information and help here.
a. If you require assistance once you've logged into the Digital O-Fair, you can contact us via the chat function during the live session. Outside of the live session you can email
a. Only current Monash University students can attend the Digital O-Fair, which forms the digital component of our broader Orientation program. It’s a great way to get prepared before you attend on-campus events, or get connected if you are unable to attend in-person.
a. While you can access the Digital O-Fair on any device that has an internet connection, to get the most from your experience we recommend using a laptop or desktop.

We also recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your web browser. You don't need to download any specific software to access our online expo platform. Some sessions will be streamed via Zoom, so we recommend installing this before joining us
a. No, you won't require a webcam to participate in our Digital O-Fair. You'll have the opportunity to speak with staff via live chat, including text and video chat; however, the choice is yours whether you would like to turn on your video.
a. We’ll have lots of information on support services available to help you feel confident as you start your Monash journey. You’ll also be able to explore the fantastic range of student associations, clubs and societies available to you. Whether you’re an undergrad or graduate, there will be information that is tailored just for you.

If you’re planning on attending Orientation events on campus, this is a fantastic opportunity to get prepared, and if you haven’t been able to make it onshore yet, this is your chance to start making connections with Monash staff and students.
a. Yes, you can add documents like support guides, flyers, fact sheets and even videos to your very own swag bag. Remember to send yourself the documents you’ve collected in your virtual swag bag before you leave the Digital O-Fair.